Benefits of using Drywall

Since it is a fast and cheap way to build, it is used in the division of environments, creation of structures or shelves. Drywall ceilings are also common, in everything that has to do with ceilings.

Benefits of building with drywall:

  1. It is much easier and faster

You can have a wall ready in a single day with this system. Very surely you will not be able to install it yourself but we can advise you on who you should hire and what are all the materials you need for the construction you want.

  1. They are very resistant

It is normal to feel mistrust and think that a wall built with plasterboard is not very resistant, but you will not really find any difference with traditional construction. An added benefit: plasterboard walls do not crack.

  1. Construction is cleaner

Traditional construction brings with it dust from lime, cement, sand, mortar, and the dirt that remains everywhere. With plasterboard they give you the clean option because it does not need these materials to be built and the materials used are liquid, not powder.

  1. Everything can be built with the plates

With gypsum panel boards you can make dividing walls, cover roll-up curtains, cover damaged walls, make a ceiling, lower a ceiling to place more lights, cover a bathroom and move fixtures, solve moisture problems , make custom furniture, among other uses.

  1. They are cheaper than a normal construction

Both the plasterboard, the aluminum profiles and the rivets and all the rest of the materials that you might need for this construction are cheaper than if you built a wall of bricks, cement, sand, etc.

  1. They are safe

Gypsum board is fire retardant, and there are some that bring extra fire protection to hazardous areas. In addition, there are others that are indicated for places of humidity, that resist mold.

  1. Easy to cut

It is incredible that such a good and resistant material is also easy to cut to make all the divisions in the measurements that we need.

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