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Drywall Ceiling

The Drywall system is a technology used for the construction of walls, partitions and ceilings, among others. In the latter case (low ceiling), it is made of plasterboard, screwed to a galvanized steel structure. The joints between the plates are filled with putty and paper tape, and then the entire ceiling is painted, resulting in a completely smooth and monolithic plate, although curves, steps, etc. may occur.

This is one of the most used types of flat ceiling, both for its easy installation and for its practicality and lightness. Its use is recommended in commercial and gastronomic establishments, schools or hospital seating areas. In all cases, remember that the appearance of the plate can be improved with the use of vinyl coatings or different paints.

Why put a ceiling on my roof?

Installing a drywall ceiling is one of the fastest, most practical and cheapest ways to cover the structure of our ceiling such as metal, wood, corrugated iron, electrical connections, etc. Whether it is a smooth drywall ceiling or a tiled ceiling, in both cases the aesthetics of our ceiling are improved.

By installing the ceiling with the drywall, everything will be smooth, at one level and super aesthetic once putty, paste and painted

Whether we have an existing old roof or it’s still all free, just with walls (or no walls). If you don’t want to use plaster, cement, beams, too much weight… The best alternative is to make a ceiling with drywall. It’s called the plaster system.

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