Drywall is sustainable

Many application components are recyclable and their waste can be sent to the cement industry, agricultural plaster manufacturers or even returned to the original manufacturer. According to the Brazilian Association for Recycling of Civil Construction and Demolition Waste (ABRECON), the irregular disposal of such materials is a common practice, which has dire consequences for a company’s routine. They range from the delay of the work, as a result of the removal of rubbish that was misplaced, to necessary problems due to loss of material. With solid waste management in an efficient work, all the activities carried out respect current legislation and take care of the natural resources of our planet.

The evolution of the Drywall sector is aligned with the launch of innovative products, such as additives. Developed to identify and satisfy market needs, they offer more and more performance, without losing properties and focus on sustainability goals. This makes the industrialized construction market grow and become more and more a reliable, safe and quality option.

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