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How strong is drywall

The use of drywall has been gaining popularity as a safe alternative. It is a system composed of metal profiles joined with screws and covered with fiber cement and plaster plates. It installs cleanly, quickly and is ideal for anti-seismic buildings. In addition, drywall is used in highly seismic countries such as Japan and Chile, providing a safe home for over 30 years due to its proven resistance.

Its composition also helps dampen sound waves. This means that the sound will not pass through easily. Facilitating sound insulation, as well as its entry. This feature is perfect if we want an environment in the house where we don’t want a lot of noise.

The characteristics of drywall allow the temperature of the environment around it to remain more stable. If the environment is warm, it will keep it that way longer, just as if the environment were cold. This feature is ideal to protect us from the cold during these times and also to have a cool environment in summer.

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