Baseboards are accessories made of a variety of materials that are installed at the base of walls for protection and decoration. They are an aesthetic feature that enhances spaces by creating contrast between floors and walls.
The installation of baseboards is the ultimate decorative touch for interior spaces where they are used.
Initially considered a crucial component in the construction process, it later became a complementary ornament.

The broom bracket is currently re-emerging as an important architectural component, adding a number of fresh and creative alternatives to its fundamental attributes and capabilities.

Its evolution has given rise to new demands that are related to the need to innovate and add new shapes, colors, lighter, versatile materials, new and simple methods of installation, extraction, and technical performance to its traditional characteristics.

Are baseboards important?

Broomboards and skirting boards are components that serve decorative and protective functions for the sanitary elements, as well as extending their significance to other structural and technical aspects. As they expand, they act as a cover and prevent the floating floor from rising.
As an aesthetic component that enhances spaces by creating contrast between floors and walls, broom holders have a number of qualities.
Broom rack designs now feature more period motifs, creating harmonious contrasts between modern broom rack materials and traditional wall finishes and moldings.

The tasks of the broom holders.

The main functions of broom holders can be summarized as follows:
  • Fill expansion cracks between walls and floors.
  • Prevent the rising of expanding floating floors.
  • Accommodate smart devices and act as conduit for cable.
  • With cleaning products such as brooms and vacuums, you can protect walls from dents and scratches
  • Prevent dust and other impurities from accumulating.
  • Give the space harmony and aesthetics.
  • Keep moisture away from the area.
  • helps in sound insulation.
  • Keep crawling insects out of the area.

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